Thursday, December 12, 2013

Before Break Craziness

It is crazy to me how quickly the weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter Break go. As soon as we got back from the week we got off for Thanksgiving, we have three weeks to make holiday crafts and gifts, give assessments, and jam as much actual teaching as is humanly possible before the three weeks of winter break wipe out a good chunk of the learning they've done so far. 

Both my first and second grade classes have been hard at work getting through assessments, and to unwind have been doing some great crafts and gift projects. In first, they made some cute snow globes using plates, construction paper, cotton rounds (makeup removing pads), and cotton balls based on something Ms. S found on Pinterest. The sharpie ran a bit, which Ms. S thought made it look like the snowmen had beards (or worse, throwing up), but I think they are still pretty cute. All of the faces they made are so unique and really reflect the kids' personality. The kids also wrote little stories about what their world would be like if they lived in a Snow Globe. I love how incredibly specific these kiddos were in what their lands are like- their imaginations never cease to amaze me!

In second grade, they are making calendars for their family gift. They are decorating each month with thematic illustrations. They are so creative in what they chose to draw on each page (some more than others)- some did great on topic drawings, some were a little scribbly, and some were just hilarious (see the April bunny below. I choose to think that the bunny is laying the egg...).

One of my favorite parts of teaching is seeing the hilariously creative things that the kiddos create, and I am definitely getting that now!

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