Monday, March 10, 2014

Lesson Planning with Common Curriculum

As I mentioned before, my school recently got an amazing donation of new technology, and the teachers finally got their MacBook Airs to start using. I have been helping some of the teachers with tech ideas, and last week one teacher asked me if I knew of any great online lesson planning tools or apps. This is something I have been searching for, because I do everything on computer, and having to use a traditional lesson planning book has really been a hassle for me. I told her I was looking too, and I would check into it that night.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Guess My Number Line!

We are busy bees in Math right now, and have been doing a ton of fun activities. Math was the second subject I took over in student teaching, and I am feeling very comfortable with it now, so I am able to move beyond just the typical basic lessons and have been incorporating more of the fun activities I know kids love and get them engaged in learning. This lesson was one I used for a video taped lesson for my teaching program, and I ran into so many technical difficulties- from SD cards filling up and not noticing it for ten minutes to recording over the introduction- yikes! The kidlets were troopers and were so patient with me as I had to re-record certain parts and reset the technology. We pretended we were on a movie set and had to do a second take (lucky we live in LA, huh?).