Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Project Begins

Welcome to our blog! As a part of my graduate school program, I have come across some amazing teaching blogs, and I have been wanting to join the wonderful blogging community. Teaching is one of those professions that can be isolating, as we are each in our own classrooms surrounded by kids all day, and I hope through blogging we can cross some of those borders and connect. I am completing my master's and teaching credential online through a school in Philadelphia, so this process has been a bit more lonely than most education programs. Through reading other's blogs and seeing some of the great resources that are available out there, I have found support and comfort. I start my student teaching in January, and wanted to find a way to reflect and document my process as I become a credentialed teacher, so I decided to start a blog. My mom has been my greatest source of support and strength through my journey to become a teacher- few days go by without a call to discuss lesson plans, unit ideas or challenges I faced- so I could think of no better way to share that both with her and the great wide world. We are in somewhat of a unique situation- I am just starting my career as she is winding hers down (still more than a few years off though!)- so we get to share and compare our two different perspectives, activities and lessons, challenges and triumphs. I have much to learn from her, and she has often mentioned that she feels re-energized in her teaching now that I am sharing all my new ideas, so hopefully she will learn from me as well. This is new to us both, so I am excited and interested to see where this takes us!

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